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NAW Policy on vetting procedures

In the December issue of “Creative Wood” the president mentioned in his report that the NAW was contemplating setting themselves up as an Agency to undertake police vetting.
The reason being is that a number of Clubs/Guilds are now getting involved in teaching children woodworking and by law it is a requirement that volunteers involved in undertaking this work must be police vetted every three years. To simplify this process it was felt that the NAW should establish themselves as an agent for the 42 affiliated clubs/guilds.
The good news is that the NAW is now an approved agent for police vetting.

Members requiring police vetting should follow the procedure outlined below.

The following is the procedure for undertaking vetting.

  1. Go to the police web site as per the link at the bottom of this list.
  2. Download the vetting form Request and consent form (NZ Police Portable Document Format) it is a PDF file and there are 3 pages.
  3.  For a NZ Police vetting request complete pages 1 to 3 and for an Australian police check a separate document download is required.
  4. The completed form is to be signed off by the President of your Club/Guild who should complete pages 1 and 2 certifying identity.
  5. The completed original document (all pages) is to be sent by post to Don Tietjens 24 Maxwells Line Awapuni Palmerston North 4412.
  6. Once Don receives your vetting request consent forms he will enter the details into the NZ police on line vetting service as per the NAW approved agency.
  7. The NZ Police will then advise Don by e-mail the result of the vetting request and you will be personally advised of the outcome.
  8. Vetting requests can take up till 30 days or longer to be processed so it pays to submit your application allowing plenty of time. (There is no cost for a NZ Police request however there is a cost if you need to use the Australian Police service. The cost for this service is available on the NZ police web site.)

NAW Police vetting procedures

This link will download the above procedure


NZ Police vetting form

This link gives the Police web site vetting form in PDF format.

Open link

NZ Police vetting and Australian history check form

This link gives the Police web site vetting form in PDF format.

Open link