Prospective members can use the web site to pay for membership via a credit card.However this option is primarily provided for overseas members who do not have a NZ bank account.

The option that we would encourage members to use is direct payment into the NAW account as it is the most cost effective method of payment and as it saves us bank fees . The account number is 02 0428 0078968 01. Account name National Association of Woodworkers (NZ) Inc. It is essential that you include your name when using direct payment online or paying at the bank to ensure we can identify who paid for their subscription. It will save us sending you out reminders and the time to try and find out where the money came from. The banks will not tell us. There is still the cheque option for payment should you wish to use that option.

If you are applying for membership by post then please download and use thisform.

Click HERE to update your personal details for our records (postal or email addresses).

Reasons why an Individual should join NAW.

Every individual member receives a copy of our popular national magazine, Creative Wood, four times a year. This is packed with informative shared experiences and ideas and articles on forthcoming and past events around the country (and overseas), project ideas and instructions, tool and machinery reviews and hints, book reviews, historical information, and other inspirational items, as well as NAW member notices and details of NAW member clubs.

Every NAW member club also receives a copy (usually placed in the club library).Contributions from members are welcomed, subject to overall editorial oversight of the Editor.

The NAW coordinates demonstrator tours around the country, with costs shared across all participating clubs. The aim is to break even, but the NAW underwrites any losses, making a modest excess on some tours to off-set losses on others.

These demonstrators are almost always professionals, many beinginternationally recognised. Such demonstrators take time out of their workshops from what they do for a living, and what they charge is a modest return for their time away from home.

Every individual NAW member receives a membership card. When an individual NAW Member attends an NAW-sponsored touring demonstration that Member receives a discount in recognition of their individual NAW membership.

Members need to produce their NAW membership cards to obtain this discount. Typically, this is a $5 discount off the general demonstration, Master Class and Master Class observer attendance fees.

As well as giving you affordable and discounted access through demonstrations and tutorials, to top overseas and New Zealand teachers, there are many inter-club events in the NAW calendar that give members an opportunity to mix socially and to trade ideas and techniques. This is especially true of participatory events.

Shirts Caps Polar Fleece

NAW monogrammed polo shirts, poly fleece jackets and caps can be purchased at competitive prices through the NAW website. Obtaining and wearing this clothing enables members to show their pride in the NAW.

Click on the pictures for a better view or Here for a brochure.

Members have access to the NAW Education Opportunity Grants Programme, typically to help with expenses for traveling, tuition and workshops. As a member of NAW you are not only part of the active woodskills community in New Zealand but you also have access to the worldwide woodturning and woodcrafting community.

Creative Wood, our official magazine, gives notice of events of interest, but as there is information that misses publishing deadlines you should check this NAW website periodically for updated information.

Membership runs for the current financial year from 1 April to 31 March.

National Association of Woodworkers NZ Inc.