Putaruru Turning Collaboration 2012

Controlled Drift  Made by: Dick Veitch, Stuart Camp, and Gordon Pritchard.  Using: Driftwood with sandblasting. 260 long Drifting Treasure  Made by: Neil Joynt and Phil Quinn.  Using: Red Beech with texturing. 220 high Pohutu Bowl  Made by: Dan Arbuckle, Jim Lowe, and Mary Culver.  Using: Pohutukawa with embroidery threads and coloured resin. 180 dia The Lost Waka  Made by: Gordon Pritchard, Mark Bayliss, Phil Quinn, and Ian Culver..  Using: Macrocarpa and Red Beech with pyrography, paint, and lashing cord. 650 long Pohutukawa  Made by: Leith Gray and Mary Culver.  Using: Pohutukawa with pyrography and paint. 155 dia "Seal" Balancing Act  Made by: Ross Vivian and Annita Fritz.  Using: Driftwood with a walnut. 290 long
Candle Holders  Made by: Eric Wolfe, Cathy Langley, and Mary Culver.  Using: Magnolia with wine bottle glass and tealight candle. 120 high Tuatara Chutney and Biscuit Platter  Made by: Mark von Dadelszen and Mark Bayliss.  Using: Black Maire with  360 long Planets  Made by: Steve Clements.  Using: Chestnut with a little black paint. 210 dia Putaruru Regatta 2012  Made by: Gordon Pritchard, Mary Culver, and Mark Bayliss.  Using: Macrocarpa and Pine with deer antler and cotton. 380 long Finial Lidded Sycamore Box  Made by: Neil Joynt and Geoff Addison.  Using: Sycamore with a rata finial. 175 high Jim's Box  Made by: Jim Manley and Heather Vivian.  Using: Laburnum with a macrocarpa lid. 125 wide
Prize Giving  Made by: Ian Culver and Annita Fritz.  Using: Red Beech and London Plane with a copper leaf and lichen. 130 high Gotcha!  Made by: Anony Mouse.  Using: Plywood with a found metal object and nylon cord. 80 long Life Boat  Made by: Mark Bayliss.  Using: Wood Chip with a toothpick and sellotape. 30mm long