Royal Easter Show 2015

Photos: Dick Veitch

The following table contains a list of the winners in each category.By clicking on a category title you will be presented with photographs of the winning items in that category.

Decorated Bowls Title
First: Terry Scott Decor 1
Second: Wim Nijmeijer Manta Ray Star Bowl
Third: Dick Veitch Aged
Merit : Stephen Petterson Sea of Driftwood

Plain Bowls Title
First: Terry Scott Plain Jane
Second: Terry Scott Burl Delight
Third: Dick Veitch Ripples
Merit: Dick Veitch Small but....

Plates/Platters Title
First: Tony Cheyne Flight Path
Second: Terry Scott Style
Third: Cam Cosford Fanned

Hollow Forms/Vases Title
First: Terry Scott She-Oak Swirls
Second: Dave Gillard Patina Hollow Form
Third: Tony Cheyne In Good Heart
Merit: Terry Scott Pohutukawa with Leaves

Domestic Ware Title
First: Dick Veitch Just Oak
Second: John Moat Chips & Dip
Third: Bob Firth Baldy

Lidded Boxes Title
First: Dick Veitch Commissionaire
Merit: Tony Waterson Lidded Box

Ornamental Title
First: = Dick Veitch Guilio's Firewood
First: = Peter Williams Depths
Third: Terry Scott Clam
Merit: Bruce Wood Koru on Rimu

Woodcarving Title
First: Jane Allnatt Fantail
Second: Jane Allnatt Ukulele

Natural Title
First: Russell Snook Untitled
Second: Dick Veitch Balanced
Third: Terry Scott Natural Edged
Merit: Dick Veitch Peaches and Curves

First Time Entrant Title
First: Grant Tatham Half Heart

Special Awards

Supreme Exhibit in Show: Flight Path by Tony Cheyne

Best Overall Woodcrafter: Terry Scott

National Association of Woodworkers NZ Inc.